Live Young

The overarching theme of this piece is bravery and freedom, from the wings to the birds and open sea. I think specifically those two aspects differentiate young people and other age groups because young people are not afraid to fail, they’ll try again and again, pursuing their goal even if it seems impossible because they have a greater desire to achieve their goal. The young woman spreading her wings represents her attitude of accepting herself as well as embracing the unknown, stepping off the cliff doing whatever it takes to reach her destination which in this case is the flying city, a symbol for a better society of freedom and equality.

Of course, there’s also the aspect of youth lifestyle that I wanted to acknowledge in this piece because I know that modern youth loves to travel around the world and experience different cultures. And as of the setting, I wanted to go with a colour palette indicates tranquillity through harmony and energy.

MIXCWORLD WITH ART competition 2019

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